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SIDEA 2014
Agricultural and Food Economics
Edited by Professor Giuseppe Marotta and Dr. Concetta Nazzaro
Published: 25 August 2015

WiCaNeM 2014
Edited by Professor Alessandro Banterle and Dr. Luigi Cembalo
Collection published: 29 January 2015


The Editors-in-Chief and Associate Editors wish to recognise the following three articles, which offer particularly strong contributions to the field of agricultural and food economics.

Aims and scope

Agricultural and Food Economics (AFE) is an international peer-reviewed and open access journal published on behalf of the Italian Society of Agricultural Economics. AFE welcomes research articles from economists, scholars and researchers from all over the world to publish problem-oriented and high-quality articles. AFE publishes only original articles from a wide variety of economic perspectives that address current and relevant issues related to the agricultural and food system. AFE publishes articles focused on applied analysis, the discussion of innovative results, and relevant policy and managerial implications. AFE seeks clearly written articles from experts in the field, to promote insightful understanding of the current trends in the agri-food system. 

Topics of specific interest to AFE include agricultural and food market analysis, agri-food firm management and marketing, organization of the agri-food chains, consumer behavior, food quality and safety issues, economics of nutrition and food security, food and health economics, agri-food policy and trade, sustainable rural development, natural and marine resource economics and land economics.

Society affiliation

Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA)

Agricultural and Food Economics is sponsored by the SIDEA (Società Italiana di Economia Agraria, or Italian Society of Agricultural Economics). SIDEA's mission is to contribute to an efficient farm and agrifood sector promoting free, independent and original research in the field of agricultural economics.

Article-processing charges

Agricultural and Food Economics operates a membership program to cover some or all of the 650 EUR article processing charge.

If the corresponding author's organization is a member of SIDEA, the cost of the article processing charge is covered in full by the membership, and no further charge is payable. To claim this discount, the corresponding author must enter the membership code when prompted. This can be requested from their SIDEA representative.

If the corresponding author is not a member of SIDEA, they need only to pay 100 EUR, with the remaining 550 EUR paid by SIDEA.