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Table 6 Time preference proxies and elicitation methods in combined smoking and obesity studies

From: Time preferences and health behaviour: a review

Study Subject Elicitation method/proxies
(Cutler and Lleras-Muney 2010, p. 17) Health behaviour including smoking and obesity Health Intertemporal Choices: “20 extra days in perfect health this year would be just as good as extra days in perfect health X years from now? where X was 1, 5, 10 and 20.”
(Adams 2009a, p. 796) Smoking, Obesity (by physical activity) Response to “In planning your (family’s) saving and spending, which of the following time periods is more important to you and (your partner)?”
(Adams and White 2009) Smoking, Obesity Consideration of Future Consequences Scale
(Robb et al. 2008, p. 1673) Smoking, Obesity Time preference index: “diet choice, vitamin use, education, smoking status, exercise, nutritional knowledge, use of nutrition labels and importance of nutrition”