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Table 7 Indicator 23–26: Integration of the organic sector within agricultural institutions of the state domain

From: Institutional barriers to organic farming in Central and Eastern European countries of the Baltic Sea region

   Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Sweden
23 Specific office in agricultural ministry Yes No Yes Yes No
24 Integration of OF in training establishments Weak, almost fully segregated Largely integrated Nd Largely integrated Largely integrated
25 Range of research program Production only Production only Almost full range* Almost full range*
for crop
Full range* for crop and livestock
26 Integration of OF in advisory services Almost none Largely integrated Little integration Largely integrated Largely integrated
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  3. 25) All: Slabe 2004. *Full range: research programme covers topics of production, food quality, and market development.
  4. 26) EE: Milkk 2005, personal communication Eve Ader, Estonian Plant Production Inspectorate, PL: Moschitz et al. 2004 Brent 1999 LV: Zarina 2009 Drozdovska 2005 LT: Tatulos programa 2005, SE: Källander 2000/2010.