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Table 1 Selected variables used in farm type identification and characterization

From: Farm types and their economic characterization in complex agro-ecosystems for informed extension intervention: study from coastal West Bengal, India

Variable Description
Education Index Weighted average of formal education received by the household members (illiterate = 0, primary = 1, middle = 2, secondary = 3, higher secondary = 4, graduate = 5 and post-graduate = 6).
Crop Diversification Measured by Herfindahl Index; index varies from 0 to 1, ‘1’ - complete specialization and ‘0’ - perfect diversification (Malik and Singh [2002])
System Cost of Cultivation Cost of all inputs used (in Indian Rupees), for all enterprises of the farming system including the cost of family labor
System Gross Return Total revenue earned (in Indian Rupees) from all the components of the farming system
System Net Return System Gross Return – System Cost of Cultivation
Cost Benefit Ratio Gross return from sale of output/Total cost of input used