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Table 8 Characteristics of identified clusters of farm households and p-value of one way analysis of variance (equality of group mean) for variables used in characterization of farm types

From: Farm types and their economic characterization in complex agro-ecosystems for informed extension intervention: study from coastal West Bengal, India

  Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4 P-value
(N = 4) (N = 25) (N = 35) (N = 7)
  (1) (2) (3) (4)  
Age (yrs) 50.50ab** 51.68a 46.03b 53.86a 0.00
Family size 9.50 6.72 5.60 7.29 0.00
Farm size (bigha)* 10.38a 7.71bc 5.28c 9.65ab 0.00
Own land (bigha) 6.88ab 6.55b 4.41b 9.65a 0.00
Leased in land (bigha) 3.50a 1.16b 0.87bc 0.00c 0.00
Leased out land (bigha) 0.28a 0.12b 0.07b 0.36a 0.02
Land fragment (no.) 4.25ab 3.96b 3.22c 4.43a 0.01
Distance from home 2.0a 1.08b 1.08b 1.28b 0.00
Education Index 2.27 1,92 1.92 1.97 0.20
Area of Rice (bigha) 8.00a 6.16ab 4.76b 7.79a 0.00
Area of Vegetables (bigha) 0.75b 1.40a 0.70b 1.84a 0.00
Area of oilseeds (bigha) 0.23b 0.86ab 0.09b 1.43a 0.00
Crop Diversification Index 0.29ab 0.33a 0.28b 0.28b 0.01
System Gross return (Rs.) 139640ab 110980b 66508c 149550a 0.00
System Cost of Cultivation (Rs.) 60391ab 47228b 30330c 64218a 0.00
System Net Return (Rs.) 79250a 63755a 34576b 79449a 0.00
Cost-Benefit Ratio 2.42 2.34 2.39 2.28 0.88
Income from Rice (Rs.) 37380a 23165b 20734b 34563a 0.00
Income from pulses (Rs.) 576c 3538ab 310bc 4071a 0.00
Income from Oilseed (Rs.) 1050b 296b 40b 2657a 0.00
Income from Vegetables (Rs.) 23610b 42148a 16817b 46093a 0.00
Income from Fruits (Rs.) 9700a 6584ab 29862 5185b 0.01
Income from plantation (Rs.) 1750b 1856b 332c 3614a 0.00
Income from Livestock (Rs.) 5600ab 6059a 4738b 6558a 0.01
Income from poultry (Rs.) 50125a 503b 701b 212b 0.00
Income from Fishery (Rs.) 8250b 18816a 4995 15800a 0.00
Income from goatery (Rs.) 1600b 650c 1145b 6485a 0.00
Off-farm Income (Rs.) 0c 800c 15171a 2857b 0.00
  1. *1 bigha = 0.133 ha.
  2. **Difference in mean among clusters denoted by different letters as found from Duncan Multiple Range Test. Highest mean value is denoted by a, followed by b and c when significant mean difference was found between clusters.