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Table 2 Explanatory variables for the probit model

From: Factors influencing willingness to participate in multi-stakeholder platform by smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana: implication for research and development

Variable Definition Expected sign
Gender (Gend) 1 if male and 0 otherwise +/−
Age (Age) Age of household head in years -
Marital status (Mar) 1 if married and 0 otherwise +
Education (Edu) Number of years of formal education +
Household size (HSize.) Number of household members that assist with farming +
Land availability (Lab) Total land size cultivated in 2012 +
Total income (Inc.) Total income earned from rice sales in 2012 +
Membership of association (Assoc.) 1 if farmer belongs to FBO and 0 otherwise +
Distance (Dist.) Distance from farmers house to the meeting place in km -
Major farming decision (FarmDec) 1 if household head makes decision alone and 0 otherwise +/−