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Table 1 Innovation in ornamental plant production by type

From: Networking and innovation within the ornamental plant sector

Product innovation New product-/pot size; New product variety; Selling flowering plants instead of plants in bud; Switch to less energy intensive plants
Process innovation Robotization; New cultivation method; Water recycling; Expansion; New technical solutions to improve quality; Installation of cogeneration engine, solar panels; New fertilization techniques; Alternative control of pests/diseases
Marketing innovation Own label; New packaging; Establishment web shop; Self-service field with cut flowers; New product combinations packed together; New geographical market
Organizational innovation Move labor intensive tasks to low wage countries; Hire East-European labor forces; Elimination of links in the chain; Establishment of close collaboration with colleagues and/or chain partners to fulfill market needs; Joint product development; Formation of a joint research network; New establishment; Introduction of a new software system