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Table 2 Networks partners consulted per type of innovation

From: Networking and innovation within the ornamental plant sector

  Consulted partner Product Process Marketing Organizational
Horizontal Colleagues   x x x
(PEERS) Home   x x x
Abroad   x x x
Other sector     x
Producer organization x x   
Business club     x
Vertical Suppliers x x   x
(CHAIN) Equipment x x   x
Seeds/young plants   x   x
Phyto-products   x   x
Fertilizer   x   x
Buyers x   x  
Auction x   x  
Wholesaler/trader/exporter x   x  
End consumer x   x  
Third parties Public administration   x   x
Research institutes/universities x x   
Consultants/advisor   x x x
Producer association (extension)   x   
Innovation support centres   x   x
Financial providers x x x x
Think tank     x