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Table 1 Interviewee’s characteristics - supply-side

From: Eco-innovative food in Brazil: perceptions from producers and consumers

Interviewee Business segment Details
Ind1 Food Industry: Producer Organic food for young children
Ind2 Food Industry: Producer and retailer Agriculture, chicken, convenience products, producer of antibiotic free poultry
Ind3 Food Industry: Producer Alternative poultry production
Ind4 Food Industry: Producer Agro ecological Industry - medicinal and food plants
Ind5 Food Industry: Producer Organic bread
Ind6 Food Industry: Producer Producer of biodynamic rice
Ind7 Food Industry: Producer Organic juice and oils
Ret1 Food retailers Supermarket specialized in organic, natural, and health products
Ret2 Food retailers Sustainable food – grocery store and restaurant
Ret3 Food retailers Organic tea
Ret4 Food retailers Organic Food
Cert1 Certifier’s organizations Organic certification organization
Cert2 Certifier’s organizations Food traceability