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Table 5 Differences in the significance of membership benefits according to producer size

From: Farmers’ self-reported value of cooperative membership: evidence from heterogeneous business and organization structures

Statement on the benefits Milk small Milk large Pig small Pig large
The cooperative offers a stable market channel % of producers
  Significant 87a 98b 85a 76a
  Chi-squared 9.86***   1.03  
The cooperative is obliged to collect all of my production 1)     
  Significant 89a 99b 81a 88a
  Chi-squared 9.42***   1.40  
Better possibilities to expand my agricultural production     
  Significant 64a 82b 52a 36a
  Chi-squared 10.58***   2.81  
The cooperative operates in the nearby region     
  Significant 68a 74a 46a 50a
  Chi-squared 1.94   1.95  
The cooperative offers good services to the members     
  Significant 71a 80a 48a 33a
  Chi-squared 3.08   3.27  
The cooperative pays a competitive producer price     
  Significant 87a 94a 61a 29b
  Chi-squared 3.17   8.53**  
I gain other, non-pecuniary benefits from the cooperative     
  Significant 57a 69b 47a 46a
  Chi-squared 4.71*   2.58  
Benefit from a good bargaining position through the cooperative     
  Significant 65a 76b 48a 29a
  Chi-squared 4.92*   4.99*  
Cooperative capital is an attractive investment instrument     
  Significant 56a 60a 63a 54a
  Chi-squared 0.52   1.46  
Membership provides me taxation gains     
  Significant 44a 59b 61a 50a
  Chi-squared 6.73**   1.39  
Control in the governance of the cooperative     
  Significant 39a 45a 48a 25a
  Chi-squared 1.20   3.62  
Influence in decisions that promote my own business     
  Significant 47a 57a 52a 29a
  Chi-squared 2.71   4.85*  
Opportunity to carry out work that supports the community     
  Significant 43a 47a 48a 29a
  Chi-squared 0.52   3.55  
  1. Membership secures the marketing of all of my production. Superscripts a and b denote the results of the z-test, which compares the column proportions. Different letters indicate differences and the level of significance is tested with Chi-squared test. Chi-squared test between large and small separately for milk and pig samples. Responses ‘indifferent’ and ‘insignificant’ are omitted for clarity ***(p < 0.01), **(p < 0.05), *(p < 0.1)