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Table 14 The breakdown of the CPI and its components

From: Food prices, energy and climate shocks in Uganda

Core Food crops Energy, fuel and utilities
Core non-food Food
Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, tobacco Processed cassava, dried beans, ground nuts, peas, rice grains, flour Matooke (clusters and bunches), Banana (ndizi and bogoya), tobacco leaves Electricity, metered water
Clothing, footwear, domestic fuel, soap Meat, chickens, eggs. Fish, processed milk Fresh potatoes (irish and sweet), fresh cassava, and dry or fermented cassava Kerosene, paraffin, motor fuel (petrol and diesel)
Rent, building materials, furniture   Fruits (passion, mangoes, oranges, water melon, pineapples, papaya and avocado) Propane gas
Transport fares, education costs, health goods and servicesm communication services, hotel and restaurant services and hairdressing   Vegetables (tangerines, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, green paper, egg plant, pumpkin, fresh beans, fresh peas, bbugga, nakati, etc  
Electrical and electronics   Fresh milk  
  1. Source: Mukiza (2011)