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Table 1 List of variables

From: Social farming: a proposal to explore the effects of structural and relational variables on social farm results

Category Variables Description
Structural variables ▪ Farm size ▪ Years in business ▪ Agricultural activity ▪ Collective supply ▪ Number of hectares ▪ Number of years in activity ▪ Type of activity ▪ Willingness to join a collective supply group (yes/no)
Relational variables (between the surveyed farms) ▪ Knowledge ▪ Economic relations ▪ Social relations ▪ Other relations ▪ Other farms, their operations are known (yes/no) ▪ Existence of customer-supplier ties (yes/no) ▪ Collaboration in social activities (yes/no) ▪ Other types of collaboration (yes/no)
Social farm results ▪ Market problems ▪ Farm diversification ▪ Disadvantaged people ▪ The farm faces market problems (yes/no) ▪ Number and type of other activities implemented ▪ Number of disadvantaged people engaged