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Table 4 Information about the results of hypotheses testing

From: The dark and the bright side of power: implications for the management of business-to-business relationships

Hypotheses Effects of latent variables Expected sign Obtained sign Supported/not supported
H1a CP → COOR + Not supported
H1b CP → COOP Supported
H2a RWP → COOR + + Supported
H2b RWP → COOP Supported
H3a EP → COOR + Not supported
H3b EP → COOP + + Supported
H4a IP → COOR + Not supported
H4b IP → COOP + + Supported
H5a LP → COOR + + Supported
H5b LP → COOP Supported
H6a RFP → COOR + Not supported
H6b RFP → COOP + + Supported
  1. Source: own calculations. Hypotheses which turned insignificant according to the results of t-statistics and, therefore, should not be considered as reliable are marked italic
  2. Abbreviations: COOR coordination, COOP cooperation, CP coercive power, RWP reward power, EP expert power, IP informational power, LP legitimate power, RFP referent power