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Table 4 Lager price difference estimates

From: Consumer ratings and the pricing of experience goods: hedonic regression analysis of beer prices

  GermanLager EuropeanLager AmericanLager
EuropeanLager 0.602 (1.13)   
AmericanLager 1.350 (2.67) 0.748 (1.36)  
CzechLager 1.406 (2.87) 0.804 (1.50) 0.056 (0.11)
  1. In each case, the parameter difference is calculated by subtracting the parameter estimate for the variable in a given row from that for the variable at the head of the column. Figures in parentheses are t-ratios. Italic font denotes the 0.10 level (or better) of significance (one-tailed test)