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Table 1 Summary of hypothesized variable that determines honey producers’ market outlet choices

From: Determinants of honey producer market outlet choice in Chena District, southern Ethiopia: a multivariate probit regression analysis

Variable   Type Expected sign
Dependent variables
 Honey market outlets’ choice decisions 1 If producer choice retailers
2 If producer choice cooperative
3 If producer choice collectors
4 If producer choice consumers
Independent variables
 HHSZ Household size in number of families Continuous
 EDLH Education level in number of class attended Continuous +
 DISM Distance to market in kilometers Continuous
 MIA Market information about each outlets Dummy, 0 = no 1 = yes +
 EXT Extension service in number of contact Continuous +
 AI Annually income in ETB Continuous +
 BKEX Beekeeping experience in years Continuous +
 VHS Honey supplied to market in kilograms Continuous +
 MCOP Household membership in a cooperative Dummy,0 = no 1 = yes +
 TRUST Trust in buyers Dummy 1 = trust 0 = not trust +