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Table 1 Description of market clusters in the study area

From: Assessing the role of market integration in the consumption of traditional foods in Benin: a joint price instability coefficient and diet composition approach

Type of market Definition Allada-Bohicon Toffo-Bohicon
Primary Market where producers sell directly their produce to small-scale assemblers and village retailers Avakpa Sey
Rural assembly District-level market that ensures produce assembly from several village/primary markets for rural semi-wholesalers Sekou Sèhouè
Rural consumer District-level retail market Allada-centre Houègboa
Regional Semi-urban market that gathers produce from assembly markets for urban wholesalers Bohicon Bohiconb
  1. aAlso plays the role of rural assembly market, thanks to its historic position of embedding a railway station
  2. bAlso embeds a railway station. It is a semi-urban consumer market