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Table 5 Definitions of the variables that are used in this study

From: Does mobile phone technology reduce agricultural price distortions? Evidence from cocoa and coffee industries

Variable name Definitions Data source
RPM The relative price margin, which is the difference between farm gate and boarder price of cocoa and coffee Calculated by authors using from and
NRA Nominal rate of assistance, the rate at which agricultural price is taxed or subsidized World Bank agricultural distortions data
Institution Proxied by polity2. The polity score is computed by subtracting the p_autocracy score from the p_democracy score Polity IV Projecta
Mobile phone usage The ratio of mobile technology use per 100 persons
Internet connectivity The ratio of internet use per 100 persons
GDP per capita Gross Domestic Product per capita
Inflation Level of inflation, expressing annual changes of consumer prices
Public debt This is actual nominal public debts expressed in US dollar IMF, 2017
% of Rural popu. Rate of rural population as percent of total population
Land per capita Arable land expressed in ha divided by rural population FAOSTAT
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