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Fig. 3

From: The spread of no-till in conservation agriculture systems in Italy: indications for rural development policy-making

Fig. 3

Number of agricultural holdings per municipality: a LISA significance map for P-NT100%; b LISA significance map for P-CA group; (c) LISA cluster map for P-CA. Figure 3a and b show the Local Moran’s Ii (pseudo) p-values at municipality level for, respectively, P-NT100% and P-CA holdings. Lower values mean more significantly different from zero values for the LM, that is, a significant departure from the null hypothesis of no autocorrelation; usually, a p-value less than 0.05 is considered as identifying a local cluster. Figure 3c is the LM cluster map for the most interesting group of P-CA holdings: the blue spots (H-H combinations) indicate that there are groups of (geographically contiguous) municipalities in which the number of P-CA holding is significantly higher than the mean; the presence of such clusters suggests the presence of informal farmers’ networks interested or motivated in cooperating to adopt NT under the whole principles of CA

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