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Table 3 Possible combinations determining the sign of LM index, Ii

From: The spread of no-till in conservation agriculture systems in Italy: indications for rural development policy-making

  \( {\sum}_{\boldsymbol{j}=\mathbf{1}}^{\boldsymbol{n}}{\boldsymbol{w}}_{\boldsymbol{ij}}{\boldsymbol{z}}_{\boldsymbol{j}}>\mathbf{0} \) \( {\sum}_{\boldsymbol{j}=\mathbf{1}}^{\boldsymbol{n}}{\boldsymbol{w}}_{\boldsymbol{ij}}{\boldsymbol{z}}_{\boldsymbol{j}}<\mathbf{0} \)
zi>0 High-High (Ii>0) High-Low (Ii<0)
zi<0 Low-High (Ii<0) Low-Low (Ii>0)