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Table 4 Respondents’ craft beer consumption habits

From: Measuring consumers’ preferences for craft beer attributes through Best-Worst Scaling

Variable name and descriptionFrequency (%)
Craft beer consumption frequency 
 More than once per week13.6
 Once per week16.4
 2–3 times per month13.6
 Once per month27.5
 Once per 3 months13.6
 Less than once per 3 months15.2
Craft beer by price points 
 < €2.001.8
 Between €2.01 and 4.0034.1
 Between €4.01 and 6.0048.3
 Between €6.01 and 8.0012.4
 > €8.003.4
Favorite craft beer place of purchase 
 Directly at the producer9.3
 Grocery store12.8
 Others (most frequently mentioned: bar)1.5
Favorite craft beer place of consumption 
 At home14.8
 At friends’ home5.2
 Others (most frequently mentioned: producer)0.9
Favorite craft beer consumption occasion 
 After dinner17.4
 During a break1.9
People with whom craft beer is consumed 
Craft beer perception 
 It has a different flavor33.1
 It is produced in small quantities6.8
 It is a high-quality beer47.7
 It is a home brew beer5.0
 It is brew with organic ingredients4.0
 It is an unpasteurized beer2.8
 It is brew with artificial flavors0.6
Craft beer vs commercial beer evaluation 
 It is tastier41.8
 It is more genuine22.3
 It is more digestible3.4
 It is healthier9.6
 It is more natural22.9
 It is more refreshing0.0