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Table 6 Mean comparison of craft beer attributes for respondents

From: Measuring consumers’ preferences for craft beer attributes through Best-Worst Scaling

 AttributesAverage B-W scoreMean-comparison*
13Fermentation process (high/low fermentation)0.265X     
7Color (amber, dark, blonde)0.252X     
10Certification (organic)0.137 X    
8Country of origin0.113 XX   
4Someone recommended it0.073 X X  
9Special grains (wheat, corn)0.046  XX  
12Packaging material (glass, can)− 0.067      
1Alcohol content− 0.158    X 
5Price− 0.162    X 
2Brand name− 0.231    XX
3Store promotion− 0.295     X
6Packaging size− 0.402      
  1. Note: *paired t test p < 0.05; attributes with Xs in the same column or row are not significantly different