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Table 2 Number of the sampled farms and their distribution among altimetry regions, types of farming, farm size, and macro-regions of Italy. Balanced sample (year 2015)

From: Effects of the Income Stabilization Tool on farm income level, variability and concentration in Italian agriculture

 No. of obs.sFreq.
All observations2777100%
Altimetry regions  
Types of farming (TF)  
 Spec.ed fieldcrops68024%
 Spec.ed horticulture2308%
 Spec.ed permanent crops82830%
 Spec.ed grazing livestock60922%
 Spec.ed granivore livestock773%
 Mixed crops1776%
 Mixed livestock, crops and livestock1766%
Farm size^  
Macro-regions (MR)  
  1. ^According to economic standard output classes (European Commission, 2010)
  2. Source: Own elaborations on Italian FADN data