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Table 1 List of the available indicators starting from the complete list of the Global Sustainability Index

From: Analyzing Alternative Food Networks sustainability in Italy: a proposal for an assessment framework

EnvironmentReduction of the distance travelled by the productsN1
Organic UAAN2
Changes in farming choicesN3
Meadows and pastures
Sale of products from traditional and local agricultural varieties or animal breedsN4
UAA falling into protected areasN5
UAA Equipartition
Greater attention to the consumption of resources used in the farmN6
Sale of products without packagingN7
EconomyBirth of a personal relationship with consumersE1
Agro-tourism with restaurantE2
Improvement of the farms growth prospectsE3
Diversification of sales channelsE4
Higher prices in respect to other sales channelsE5
Intensification of connections with the local economyE6
Increase in business incomeE7
SocietyAgro-tourism with educational farm/recreational activitiesS1
Sale of farm’s products to the local communityS2
Inform consumers about the nutritional value of productsS3
Greater work commitment following participation in the AFNS4
Women workersS5
Young workersS6
Disabled workers
Cultural activitiesS7