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Table 2 Stage 1—CV summary statistics

From: Sustainable intensification of beef production in Colombia—Chances for product differentiation and price premiums

GENDER1=female, 0=male1680.650.4801
AGEIn years16846.9515.741880
EDUCAverage years of schooling16713.003.53319
STRATAHousehold strata (1–6).1683.141.1816
HHSIZENumber of people in the household1673.321.65113
CHILD1=children under 12 are living in the household1680.300.4601
PCINCOMEMonthly per capita income in USD167304.4329.334.02083.4
PCBEEFEXPMonthly per capita beef expenditure in USD16710.116.50.0173.6
FREQBEEFFrequency of beef consumption in household (times per week)1672.571.3807
PREFBEEF1=respondent prefers beef over other meat alternatives1680.310.4601
PAYMORE1=pays more for beef with less environmental impact1660.700.4601
HOWMUCHWTP in USD/lb. of beef1680.340.9702.43