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Table 4 Stage 2—DCE summary statistics

From: Sustainable intensification of beef production in Colombia—Chances for product differentiation and price premiums

GEN1=female, 0=male1710.500.5001
AGEIn years17143.5415.501786
STRATAHousehold strata (1–6)1704.530.8136
HHSIZENumber of people in the household1712.951.1818
EDUCAverage years of schooling17116.292.17922
HHINCOMEMonthly household income in USD171638.1403.3128.12855.7
CHILD1=children under 12 are living in the household1710.370.4801
RESTAURANT1=respondent’s household consumes more beef out of home1710.490.4901
FREQBUYMonthly beef purchasing occasions1713.013.140.528
AVGPRICEAverage price paid per lb. of beef in USD1673.320.672.085.79
FREQCONSHousehold beef consumption frequency (times per week)1712.801.710.257
PREFBEEF1=respondent prefers beef over other meat alternatives1710.350.4801
PCFOODEXMonthly per capita food expenditure in USD170137.377.434.7520.9
HHBEEFEXPMonthly household beef expenditure (for home consumption) in USD17038.927.23.3138.9
PCBEEFCONSMonthly per capita beef consumption in lb.1704.353.020.520