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Table 5 Resultsmixed logit model

From: Sustainable intensification of beef production in Colombia—Chances for product differentiation and price premiums

VariableDescriptionCoeff.St. Err.
Random parameters
 ECOASC for eco-friendly beef2.566***0.426
 ANIM_11=the alternative has animal welfare certification, for the eco-friendly alternative1.891***0.357
 ANIM_21=the alternative has animal welfare certification, for the conventional alternative2.753***0.466
 NBASC for not buying beef− 11.074***0.509
Nonrandom parameters
 PRICEPrice of the alternative in thousand COP− 0.937***0.037
Heterogeneity in mean
 ECO_INFInteraction variable for eco-friendly and information treatment variable1.094**0.414
Standard deviations of parameter distributions
 sdECO 2.656***0.333
 sdANIM_1 2.869***0.304
 sdANIM_2 3.726***0.329
 sdNB 2.555***0.249
Observations  2394
Iterations completed 54
Log-L fncn  − 1482.6
Number of parameters 16
AIC  1.252
Chi2  2294.9
Prob > chi2  0
McFadden pseudo R2 0.4362
Adjusted pseudo R2 0.4344
  1. ***p < 0.01, **p < 0.05, and *p < 0.1, respectively
  2. ASC = alternative specific constant
  3. USD 1 = COP 2879.86