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Table 3 Background of households

From: Coping with food and nutrition insecurity in Zimbabwe: does household head gender matter?

VariableFemale [F]Male [M]Difference [FM]
Household size4.8285.295− 0.467***
Proportion of female members to household size0.6060.4670.139***
Number of mentally ill household members0.0890.0850.004
Number of chronically ill household members0.0770.0740.003
Household income [USD]128.521190.687− 62.167***
 Mashonaland Central0.0930.140− 0.047***
 Mashonaland East0.1410.143− 0.002
 Mashonaland West0.0950.139− 0.044***
 Matabeleland North0.1140.1090.005**
 Matabeleland South0.1390.0950.044***
 Midlands0.1270.140− 0.013***
The household is located in rural areas [1 if yes]0.8670.8550.012***
  1. Notes: The fifth column shows the results of two-tailed t test for the difference in the means
  2. ***, **, and * indicate the 1, 5, and 10% levels of significance