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Table 5 Effects of locational heterogeneity in the training on technology diffusion and adoption

From: Does training location matter? Evidence from a randomized field experiment in Rural Indonesia

VariablesKnowing conservation techniqueKnowing grafting methodsKnowing conservation and grafting techniquesAdopting conservation technique if knowing = 1Adopting grafting methods if knowing = 1Adopting conservation and grafting techniques if knowing both = 1
Training * Inter-island * Post 2013-0.1150.01800.04050.183**0.07850.182*
Training * Intra-island * Post 2013-0.114-0.0494-0.1030.06510.09380.117
Training * Post 20130.146**0.09240.0986-0.0363-0.0785-0.0837
Training in inter-island (= 1 if yes)0.167**-0.0178-0.000656-0.0295-0.00503-0.00320
Training in intra-island (= 1 if yes)0.1110.009580.0359-0.00552-0.04500.00466
Training (= 1 if yes)-0.107*0.00361-0.001390.008580.03250.0152
Year of 2013 (= 1 if yes)0.0285-0.03530.008030.0105-0.01950.0203
Year of 2014 (= 1 if yes)0.00359-0.0289-0.001800.008330.006920.0260
Number of hhid308308308303306301
Ethnicity fixed-effectsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Farmers group fixed-effectsYesYesYesYesYesYes
F test of null R20.00000.00000.00000.00010.00000.0000
P value of Hausman test0.71931.0001.00000.04450.00000.0021
R squared0.1050.1020.1190.08450.09780.113
  1. Estimation is based on LATE random-effects models. Standard errors are in parentheses. ***, **, and * signify statistical significance at the 1%, 5% and 10% level, respectively. All training dummy is instrumented by invitation result. Hometown dummy is instrumented by invitation for training in hometown. Intra-island dummy is instrumented by invitation for intra-island training. Inter-island dummy is instrumented by invitation for inter-island training