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Table 6 Effects of training on the size and depth of social networks

From: Does training location matter? Evidence from a randomized field experiment in Rural Indonesia

Number of agricultural information source who went to the same training locationNumber of agricultural information source who went to the different training locationNumber of agricultural information source who are not training participants1Knowing extension agent2,4Knowing extension agent and having frequent contact2,3,4
Training*Year 2013*Inter-island0.172-0.1040.3770.195*0.314**
Training*Year 2014*Intra-island-0.00607-0.3951.078  
Training*Year 2014*Inter-island-0.0311-0.3081.385*  
Training in intra-island
(1 = yes)
Training in inter-island
(1 = yes)
Year of 2013-0.07690.1280.0513-0.0128-0.0705
Year of 2014-0.231-0.0256-2.051***  
Training*Post2013   -0.0605-0.0378
(1 = yes)
P value of Hausman test1.00001.00001.00000.31901.0000
Ethnicity FEYesYesYesYesYes
Farmers group FEYesYesYesYesYes
F test of null R20.03780.00000.00000.09430.0003
R squared0.13280.30390.21770.08330.1252
  1. Estimation is based on late random-effects Instrumental Variable models. Standard errors are in parentheses. ***, **, and * signify statistical significance at the 1%, 5%, and 10% level, respectively
  2. All training dummy is instrumented by all lottery result. Dummy of hometown is instrumented by invitation for training in hometown. Dummy of intra-island is instrumented by invitation for intra-island training. Dummy of inter-island is instrumented by invitation for inter-island training1May or may not be farmers
  3. 2Knowing is mutual and goes both ways = yes
  4. 3Have contact at least once every 2 weeks = yes
  5. 4Only available in 2012 and 2013