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Table 1 Published articles regarding WTP evaluations for CF labels: country, products of reference, methodology used and main findings

From: Consumer stated preferences for dairy products with carbon footprint labels in Italy

CitationProductCountryMethodsMain findings
Akaichi et al. 2013RiceUSAEAWTP 22% higher when giving information about local origin or lower CF
Akaichi et al. 2016BananaScotland, The Netherlands, FranceDCEPositive WTP for bananas with lower CF combined with other aspects (fair trade and organic)
Caputo et al. 2012TomatoItalyDCEPositive propensity to purchase products labelled with low CF
Caputo et al. 2013aTomatoUSADCEAvg. WTP for low transport CF ranging from 0.31€ to 3.13€ depending on the latent class
Caputo et al. 2013bTomatoItalyDCEAvg. WTP for low transport CF: 0.76€
Chen et al. 2017Purified bottled waterChinaEAAvg. premium price of 0.274RMB for purified water with CF label
Colantuoni et al. 2016PotatoGermany and ItalyDCEBoth Germans and Italians were unwilling to pay more for CF certification. (avg. marginal WTP estimates for the attribute CF were negative, −0.13€/kg for German and −0.41€/kg for Italian respondents)
Drichoutis et al. 2016Eggs, olive oilGreeceInferred and CVWTP premiums for carbon neutral label of up to 28% for eggs and 23% for olive oil
Echeverría et al. 2014Milk and breadChileCVAvg. WTP for low CF: 29% more for milk and 10% more for bread
Grebitus et al. 2012MeatCanadaDCEWTP not estimated. The presence of information about a higher CF reduces the likelihood of choice
Grebitus et al. 2015PotatoGermanyDCEWTP not estimated. Overall respondents tend to buy products with CF label
Grebitus et al. 2016Beef, yoghurt, potatoesCanada and GermanyDCERespondents are willing to choose products with higher CF if compensated by discounted prices: Germans most discount potatoes (−1.45 €/Kg of CO2), yoghurt (−0.73€) and ground beef (−0.23€); Canadians most discounts yoghurt (Canadian $ −0.66), potatoes (Canadian $ −0.46), and ground beef (Canadian $ −0.11).
Hoek et al. 2017Rice, meat, tomatoAustraliaDCEWTP not estimated. The combination of a health and environmental logo have a more positive effect than the logos separately or no logo.
Kimura et al. 2010Chocolate bar, chips, candy, juiceJapanDCEWTP in the read-only condition is smaller (from 127 to 167 yen) than that in the active-search condition (from 103 to 196 yen)
Koistinen et al. 2013Minced meatFinlandDCEWTP for beef = 24.50€/kg; lower WTP of 1.6% for beef with information on CF WTP for beef = 23.65€/kg; WTP greater than 2.2% for pig meat with information on CF
Li et al. 2016BeefUSDCEAvg. WTP $306 among consumers supporting a hypothetic “Raised Carbon
Friendly” beef certification program and $64 among all beef-consuming households
Lombardi et al. 2017MilkItalyDCEAvg. price premium for CF labelling is 0.55€
Michaud et al. 2012FlowersFranceNon-hypothetical
Premium eco-label: 1.73€/piece
Premium low CF: 4.09€/piece
Mostafa 2016Not specifiedEgyptDCEPremium price of 75 up to 90 Egyptian pounds (EP) for carbon-labelled products depending on the evaluation technique
Mueller-Loose and Remaud, 2013WineUK, France, Germany, US East Coast, US Midwest, Anglophone
Francophone Canada
DCEPremium for “Carbon Zero” label: UK = 0.20£; France = −0.24€; Germany = −0.02€; US East Coast = 1.02$; US West Coast = 0.53$; USA Midwest = 0.44$; Anglophone Canada = 0.36$
Onozaka and Mcfadden 2011Apple and tomatoUSADCENegative WTP for products with a CF higher than 10%: −0.01 for apples and −0.02 for tomatoes (in $ per pound)
Steiner et al. 2017YoghurtGermanyDCEWTP not estimated. The presence of information about a lower CF slightly increases the utility of the “ecologically oriented” group of respondents
Van Loo et al. 2014Chicken breastBelgiumDCEPremium price of 18% and 24% respectively for the 20% and 30% CO2-reduction, for the low-income group
Van Loo et al. 2015CoffeeNorthwest ArkansasCENo significant premium price for the Carbon Footprint label
Vecchio 2013WineItalyEAAvg. WTP for low CF wine: 3.24€ (avg. WTP for conventional wine: 2.50€)
Vecchio and Annunziata 2015Chocolate barsItalyEAAvg. WTP 1.41€ for CF labelled bar. Factors affecting WTP for CF label: young individuals express a 10% higher WTP; female respondents: 9 cents more; intensity of trust in the specific labels: 16 cents more
  1. EA Experimental auctions, DCE Discrete choice experiment, CV Contingent valuation