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Table 2 Distribution of rural and urban household expenditures and of food group expenditure shares

From: Income and food Engel curves in Rwanda: a household microdata analysis

 Rural householdsUrban households
Total Expenditures
 Annual household expenditures. (Frw)416,284643,4311,000,973833,281868,2741,638,2873,253,6543,072,913
 Annual household expenditures (USD)623963149812471299245248704600
 Total food total expenditures (Frw)140,311268,706520,716286,760136,542272,1401,045,872768,005
 Total non-food expenditure (Frw)260,085485,3401,040,375546,520573,323809,7103,103,3712,304,907
Expenditure share of food groups
 Roots and tubers0.360.350.320.350.
 Meat products0.
 Other food items0.
  1. Household expenditures are reported both in Rwandan Francs (Frw) and US dollars. The exchange rate used is the average exchange rate prevailing during the period (October 2013–October 2014) which is the period the EICV4 survey was undertaken. The exchange rate used is 1$ US = 668 Frw. Source: Authors computations based on Rwandan EICV4, 2013/2014 data