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Table 4 Distribution of expenditure elasticities for all food group categories in Rwanda (computed at the sample mean)

From: Income and food Engel curves in Rwanda: a household microdata analysis

 Rural householdsUrban households
Roots and tubers0.816***0.623***− 0.187− 0.117
Meat products1.472***1.125***1.235***0.774***
Other food1.764***1.348***2.156***1.352***
  1. Figures in parentheses are the standard errors of the estimated elasticities. The delta method is used to compute the standard errors of unconditional expenditure elasticities of each food category. The last food category (other food) is a collection of all other various food types consumed by households (some of them include edible oil, spices, sugar products, etc.)
  2. Source: Authors’ own computations using EICV4 2013/2014 data