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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the sample households

From: Women in household decision-making and implications for dietary quality in Bhutan

Household head sex [0 = female, 1 = male]0.690.46
Household head age [years]52.4814.34
Household size3.461.30
Dependency ratio0.170.20
Farm size [acres]3.922.89
Average distance to the parcels [minutes]10.2015.94
Soil quality [1, very poor—5, very good]3.480.59
Crop diversity [# of different crops produced]3.441.44
Livestock diversity [# of different animals owned]2.181.53
Total agricultural income [BTN]77,867.67277,429.4
Distance from farm road [min]7.8310.59
WPDM regarding household asset purchases0.440.22
WPDM regarding agricultural asset purchases0.410.29
WPDM regarding animal purchases, sales, and inputs0.440.24
WPDM regarding crop grown0.520.21
WPDM regarding food purchases0.520.29
WPDM regarding harvest use decisions0.510.20
WPDM regarding animal income use0.440.24
WPDM regarding the use of income from crop0.510.20
WPDM regarding input use for crop0.480.24
WPDM regarding land use0.470.25
  1. Source: Authors’ data