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Table 2 Results of Wilcoxon test on the difference between the mean scores of perception and expectations

From: Microfinance services for smallholder farmers: an assessment from rice farmers’ expectations in Central Benin

Attributes Expectation Perception
Affordable interest rate 6.74 3.75*
Flexibility of guarantee 6.34 3.39*
Geographical proximity of microfinance institution 6.58 3.31*
Consideration of the farming calendar for the grace period 6.48 3.85*
Obtaining the amount requested 6.38 3.92*
Flexibility in the requirements of identity documents 5.98 1.39*
Credit granting to individuals 6.29 3.84*
Exemption from processing fees and other fees 6.32 1.05*
Timely processing of credit applications 6.64 3.32*
  1. *Significant differences (p < 0.01).