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Table 1 Attitudinal scales

From: Do consumers’ values and attitudes affect food retailer choice? Evidence from a national survey on farmers’ market in Germany

Attitudes towards environment and nature
1 Humans are severely abusing the environment.
2 The balance of nature is strong enough to cope with the impacts of modern industrial nations.
3 The so-called “ecological crisis” facing humankind has been greatly exaggerated.
4 The earth is like a spaceship with very limited room and resources.
5 If things continue on their present course, we will soon experience a major ecological catastrophe.
Attitude towards industrial food production
1 Most food manufacturers are more interested in earning money than in the nutritional quality of their products.
2 Modern food production removes vitamins and minerals from food products.
3 The food industry is very concerned about the nutritional value of their products.
4 Most foods are so processed that they have lost their nutritional value.
5 The majority of food products can be eaten without risk.