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Table 1 Summary of techniques and categories of interviewees in this study

From: Exploring beyond the conjunctural rhetoric: sociocultural drivers for the “cassava crisis” in Côte d’Ivoire

Study site Data collection technique Informant characteristics Number
Abidjan City: Abidjan District FGD Attiéké production cooperative society 2
Cassava traders’ association 2
Cooperative society of women traders attiéké and placali 2
KII Attiéké producer 5
Attiéké and placali trader 5
Cassava trader 5
Abidjan area: satellite towns (Dabou, Alépé, Bonoua) FGD Cooperative of cassava producers 6
KII Cassava carriers and distributors 2
Central zone: Toumodi and Bouaké FGD Cassava producers 4
KII Cassava producers 5
Total number of interviews 38
  1. FGD focus group discussion; KII key informant interview