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Table 5 Results for maize yield equation

From: The impact of production shocks on maize markets in Ethiopia: implications for regional trade and food security

VariablesRobust OLSElasticity
IRRIG0.308 (28.14)0.003
SEED0.381 (1.059)0.038
LNTREND0.460** (0.191) 
RAINP0.005 (NA)1.65
Constant− 2.4 (1.110) 
Adjusted R20.61 
F statistics6.49** 
  1. Robust standard errors in parentheses; **p < 0.05, *p < 0.1; no standard errors are reported for the rainfall variable. Because of undesirable coefficient signs, we modified the value of the rainfall variable using a synthetic estimation technique. A synthetic elasticity coefficient value of 1.65 was used to obtain the rainfall coefficient. Given the high dependency of maize production on rainfall, the use of a 1.65 elasticity value is reasonable