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Table 3 Frame matrix of the five frames used in European Commission Communications on CAP reforms (2002, 2007)—historical decoupled support (2003–2013)

From: Framing agricultural policy through the EC’s strategies on CAP reforms (1992–2017)

Dominant frames Key concept Key words Examples
Policy mechanisma Reform of policy measures, changing direct aids: introducing historical payments, liberalisation of markets, abolishing supply management measures, strengthening rural development “implementation of policy”, “single farm payments”, “voluntary coupled support”, “dairy quotas”, “strengthening of rural development”, “introducing historical payments”, “liberalisation of market-price support”, “abolishment of supply management measures” “The Commission proposes introducing a single decoupled income payment per farm.”
Farmers’ economicb Improving and stabilising farm incomes, generational renewal, reducing inequalities “social balance”, “fair standard of living”, “income stability” “The main objective is to contribute to farm incomes and limit farm income variability.”
Foreign tradeb Global and internal competitiveness, market orientation “market orientation”, “competitiveness”, “reduction of price supports”, “domestic prices close to world market”, “higher-value products”, “lower costs” “In order to help European agriculture, the CAP sought to improve market orientation and competitiveness of EU agriculture.”
Societal concernsc Multifunctional agriculture “protection of the environment and rural landscape”, “biodiversity”, “create job”, food safety and quality”, “social sustainability”, “land conservation”, “cultural landscape”, “cultural heritage”, “continuation of rural communities”, “cross compliance” “Finally, the strengthened rural development policy supports the protection of the environment and rural landscapes and creates growth, jobs and innovation in rural
Budgetaryc Scope of budget, justification of the budget, distribution between MS, share of budget per measures group “budget”, “expenditure”, “ceilings”, “pillars”, budgetary stabilization”, “financial framework”, “budgetary balance”, “justification of the CAP” “Budget stabilisation will remain a key objective over the coming years.”
  1. aVery important
  2. bImportant
  3. cLess important