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Table 5 Satisfaction indicators and accessibility indicators on the environmental landscape heritage detected by means of a quantitative survey (average scores, score expressed on a scale from 1 to 5)

From: Commoning of territorial heritage and tools of participated sustainability for the production and enhancement of agro-environmental public goods

Dimensions of the environmental landscape heritage Accessibility indicator Satisfaction indicator
Presence of environmental resources: flora 3.5 2.4
Presence of environmental resources: fauna 2.5 2.5
Presence of environmental resources: biodiversity 2.4 2.3
Natural landscape: presence of lakes, rivers 1.9 2.1
Natural landscape: presence of woods, parks 2.6 1.9
Presence of nature reserves 1.3 1.2
Settlement development: i.e., pressure of urban buildings on the agricultural and rural environment - 2.8
Presence of healthy environment - 4.8
Pollution levels - 4.7
Air quality - 4.8
Water quality - 4.7
Separate collection - 1.5
Energy production from renewable sources - 2
Environmental illegality: level of crimes against environmental and natural heritage - 2.8
Illegality related to illegal construction - 2.7
Illegality linked to the waste cycle - 3.1
Good practices of the local administration: establishment of biological canteens - 0.5
Illegality linked to the use of fertilizers in agriculture - 1.5
  1. Source: our processing on data collected through quantitative surveys