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Table 2 Data description of all used Swiss dairy and cheese prices

From: Vertical price transmission in Swiss dairy and cheese value chains

Variable Description Measure Time period Source Mean SD
Farm-gate producer price
 P_dai For production of any non-cheese products Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 64.10 7.30
 P_che_art For artisan cheese production, silage-free feeding Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 73.29 2.82
 P_emm For Emmentaler AOP cheese production Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 66.91 5.03
 P_gru For Gruyère AOP cheese production Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 80.75 2.32
 P_che_ind For cheese production by industrial dairiesa Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 65.39 6.87
 P_org Organic raw milk for any processing channel, standards defined by Bio Suisse (2015) Rp./kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 79.72 4.80
Export priceb
 E_hard All hard cheese, TL 0406.9099 CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FCA 9.66 0.69
 E_semi All semi-hard cheese, TL 0406.9091 CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FCA 10.74 1.55
 E_emm Emmentaler cheese (AOP) CHF/kg 1/2004–5/2017 FCA 8.59 0.83
 E_gru Gruyère cheese (AOP) CHF/kg 1/2004–5/2017 FCA 12.81 0.74
 E_melt Melted cheese, not grated or powder, TL 0406.30 CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FCA 7.50 0.68
Wholesale price
 W_but Butter, salted, or unsalted CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 10.08 0.70
 W_wmp Whole milk powder, 26% fat, for food preparation CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 6.33 0.34
 W_smp Skimmed milk powder, < 1.5% fat, for food preparation CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 4.44 0.42
Retail price
 R_milk Pasteurized whole milk CHF/l 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 1.46 0.06
 R_but Butter for cooking (“die butter”) CHF/250 g 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 2.98 0.15
 R_emm Emmentaler surchoix CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 19.03 0.90
 R_gru Gruyère surchoix CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 19.89 0.72
 R_app Appenzeller surchoix CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 18.96 0.93
 R_mozz Mozzarella CHF/150 g 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 1.74 0.27
 R_racl Raclette (block) CHF/kg 1/2004–3/2018 FOAG 19.59 1.21
 R_milk_org Organic pasteurized whole milk CHF/l 1/2006–3/2018 FOAG 1.77 0.04
 R_but_org Organic butter (“vorzugsbutter”) CHF/200 g 1/2006–3/2018 FOAG 3.84 0.12
 R_emm_org Organic Emmentaler CHF/kg 1/2006–3/2018 FOAG 20.20 1.03
 R_gru_org Organic Gruyère CHF/kg 1/2006–3/2018 FOAG 21.01 0.71
 R_mozz_org Organic mozzarella CHF/150 g 1/2006–3/2018 FOAG 2.27 0.17
  1. AOP protected designation of origin (Appellation d’Origine Protegée), CHF Swiss francs, FCA Swiss Federal Customs Administration, FOAG Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, Rp. rappen (0.01 CHF), TL tariff line
  2. aIndustrial cheese includes all non-artisanal cheese production by large dairies, such as mozzarella and numerous semi-hard, fresh and soft cheese types made from pasteurized milk. In contrast to raw milk for artisan cheese production, raw milk for industrial cheese production is not subject to strict specifications: the use of silage fodder is allowed und there are no geographic origin restrictions. In fact, the requirements are the same as for the production of other dairy products. Hence, this producer price is closely related to the producer price for dairy milk: the farmers deliver their milk to one of the large dairies (either directly or via an intermediary first milk buyer), where it is pooled and processed into various dairy products, including industrially processed cheese. These large dairies (or other first milk buyers, such as producer organizations) report how much milk was processed into cheese. This is well-documented, because with some minor exceptions (small amounts of low-fat cheese), the processors receive the cheese processing aid for these quantities.
  3. bExport prices for dairy products (e.g., fluid milk, butter, milk powder) are available, but excluded from the analysis due to high product heterogeneity and very low trading volumes leading to highly volatile export unit values