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Table 1 Livelihood assets selected and their expected influence on adoption of the BXW control strategy

From: Livelihood assets’ influence on Ugandan farmers’ control practices for Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW)

Livelihood assets

Expected influence


Human capital

 HH head education (years)


Mignouna et al. 2011

 HH head age (years)

Adesina and Zinnah 1993

 HH size (number)


Mwangi and Kariuki 2015

Social capital

 HH head gender (1 male)


Doss and Morris 2001

 Access to extension services (1 yes)


Peshin 2013

Natural capital

 Farm location


Otieno et al. 2011

 Land owned (acres)


Deressa et al. 2009

 Land banana percentage


Jogo et al. 2013

Physical capital

 Home index


Kuntashula et al. 2015

 Farm equipment index


Shinbrot et al. 2019

Financial capital

 Banana farming objective


Kikulwe et al. 2019

 Access to credit facilities (1 yes)


Tambo and Abdoulaye 2012

 Off-farm income (1 yes)


Reardon et al. 2007