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Table 1 Livelihood assets selected and their expected influence on adoption of the BXW control strategy

From: Livelihood assets’ influence on Ugandan farmers’ control practices for Banana Xanthomonas Wilt (BXW)

Livelihood assets Expected influence References
Human capital
 HH head education (years) + Mignouna et al. 2011
 HH head age (years) Adesina and Zinnah 1993
 HH size (number) + Mwangi and Kariuki 2015
Social capital
 HH head gender (1 male) + Doss and Morris 2001
 Access to extension services (1 yes) + Peshin 2013
Natural capital
 Farm location +/– Otieno et al. 2011
 Land owned (acres) + Deressa et al. 2009
 Land banana percentage + Jogo et al. 2013
Physical capital
 Home index + Kuntashula et al. 2015
 Farm equipment index + Shinbrot et al. 2019
Financial capital
 Banana farming objective + Kikulwe et al. 2019
 Access to credit facilities (1 yes) + Tambo and Abdoulaye 2012
 Off-farm income (1 yes) + Reardon et al. 2007