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Table 4 Non-tariff measure classification by chapter

From: The impact of pest risk management measures on trade: the case of apples from France and Chile

Imports Technical measures A Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
B Technical barriers to trade
C Pre-shipment inspection and other formalities
Non-technical measures D Contingent trade-protective measures
E Non-automatic licensing, quotas, prohibitions, and quantity-control measures other than for SPS or TBT reasons
F Price-control measures, including additional taxes and charges.
G Finance measures
H Measures affecting competition
I Trade-related investment measures
J Distribution restrictions
K Restrictions on post-sales services
L Subsidies (excluding export subsidies under P7)
M Government procurement restrictions
N Intellectual property
O Rules of origin
  Exports P Export-related measures
  1. Source: (UNCTAD 2012)