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Table 5 Dimensions and grades of the phytosanitary requirements and underlying regulations

From: The impact of pest risk management measures on trade: the case of apples from France and Chile

Dimension Values
Territorial restriction/QO restriction 0 (No restriction)
1 (Yes restriction)
2 (Ban)
Agreement 0 (No agreement needed)
1 (Agreement on pre-listing)
2 (Agreement on yearly check)
3 (Ban)
Import permission 0 (No IP needed)
1 (The IP has been negotiated)
2 (The IP has not been negotiated)
3 (Ban)
Phytosanitary certificate 0 (No PC)
1 (The PC has been negotiated)
2 (The PC is under negotiation)
3 (The PC is non-official)
4 (Ban)
Pre-inspection 0 (No pre-inspection)
1 (Pre-inspection is required)
2 (Ban)
Pre-clearance 0 (No pre-clearance)
1 (Pre-clearance is required)
2 (Ban)
Pre-cold treatment/fumigation 0 (No treatment needed)
1 (Treatment needed)
2 (Ban)
Cold treatment 0 (No cold treatment)
1 (In transit cold treatment)
2 (At arrival cold treatment)
3 (Ban)
Inspection at arrival 0 (No inspection at arrival)
1 (Inspection at arrival)
2 (Ban)
Total requirements 24 (maximum requirements)
  1. Source: DeMaria et al. (2018)