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Table 1 Application of the SPICE framework in defining the research objective

From: Factors behind consumers' choices for healthy fruits: a review of pomegranate and its food derivatives

Spice element Search terms assigned Reason
Setting—where? No term assigned The interest of the review includes all the fields
Population—for whom? Consumer* Limit the information on consumers
Intervention—what? Sensory
Willingness to pay
The goal of this review is to understand consumers’ preferences for pomegranate. For this reason, we chose a set of keywords that aim to find all the papers in some way linked with consumer preferences in the database
Comparison—compared with what? No term assigned Not interested in comparison with different products
Evaluation—with what result? Pomegranate; Punica granatum The outcomes of interest are consumers’ choices for pomegranate and its food derivatives. Particular attention is given to pomegranate fruit, arils and pomegranate juice. Some references are also made to other by-products (sweets or jam) given that these have additional ingredients (such as sugar and flavourings)