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Table 4 Major challenges and possible solutions in TN's Conceptualisation phase

From: The multi-actor approach in thematic networks for agriculture and forestry innovation

Challenges Proposed solutions
Involve key actors and/or expertise in TNs consortium Open to contact unfamiliar actors with previous project expertise
Improve geographic countries’ participation in TNs consortium EC strategy is needed to balance the participation of the different regions in TNs
Target farmers and foresters’ needs in the project’s objectives Increase the involvement of farmers/foresters and their associations through participatory activities
Improve the communication between researchers and farmers Set up a common project activities agenda between researchers and farmers
Increase the involvement of educational institutions and students Plan an agenda with common project activities together with educational institutions
Create a close-knit consortium Organise team-building activities with the help of a facilitator
Assign roles and workload depending on partners abilities
Select skilled facilitators Set a methodology with selection criteria based on the organizational, social and communicative skills of facilitators