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Table 6 Major challenges and possible solutions in TN's post-execution phase

From: The multi-actor approach in thematic networks for agriculture and forestry innovation

Challenges Proposed solutions
Ensuring the impact of TNs Organize farm/field demonstrations involving OGs
Reinforce network involving pilot farmers and experts across national/regional borders
Translate the results into educational materials for courses, vocational schools and lifelong learning programs
Establish a digital platform for communication and dissemination of project outcomes
Establish a digital platform where users testimonies can be shared with peers
Accurate measurement of the impact of TNs Use qualitative (proxy) impact indicators (e.g. number of users engaged in each activity)
Use quantitative impact indicators (e.g. surveys, case studies, focus groups, interviews)
The organisation of financial resources (human resources, time, cost) Perform the impact evaluation during new TNs/innovative agricultural projects taking into account the minimum period required for the uptake of results by users (3–5 years after the end of the project)
Allocate funding schemes by national and regional departments