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Table 4 List of secondary outputs

From: Public perception of ecosystem and social services produced by Sardinia extensive dairy sheep farming systems

Services Variable Description
Regulating FERTILIZERS Production of natural fertilizers
HABITATS Maintenance of natural habitats
INSECTS Presence of useful pollinating insects
GHG Greenhouse gas mitigation
CARBON Preservation of carbon in the soil
EROSION Reduction in soil erosion caused by rain
INVASIVE Control of invasive species of flora and fauna
WATER Ensuring good quality of water
LANDSCAPE Safeguard of the typical landscape
Cultural CULTURE Enhancing cultural identity of Sardinia
ENV_EDUCATION Promotion of environmental education
ARTS Inspiring arts and culture
RECREATION Supply of recreational and cultural activities
HERITAGE Safeguard of cultural heritage
Supporting BIODIVERSITY Safeguard of animal biodiversity (local breeds)
FIRES Fire prevention
Social TERRITORY Avoid depopulation and ensure the defence of the territory
LOC_EMPLOYMENT Job supply for the local population
IMM_EMPLOYMENT Job supply for immigrants
SOCIAL Providing social agricultural activities