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Figure 7 | Agricultural and Food Economics

Figure 7

From: Hawai‘i’s food consumption and supply sources: benchmark estimates and measurement issues

Figure 7

Proportion of Hawai‘i food sourced locally1, 1934-362, 1980, and 2010. Notes: 1Sources: Warner HH (1937) Extension Bulletin 29. Agricultural Extension Service, University of Hawai‘i; Department of Agriculture, Hawai‘i (1982) State functional plan technical reference document; and Table 2, Food Metrics: Select Food Measures for Hawai‘i, 2010. 2Estimated normal averages for period from January 1, 1934 to October 31, 1936, except for the fresh fruits and vegetables groups, normal averages which cover the period from January 1, 1936 to November 1, 1936.

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