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Table 10 Degree of completion of the six-step process of the institutional development of the organic sector

From: Institutional barriers to organic farming in Central and Eastern European countries of the Baltic Sea region

  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
  Organic community Political recognition Financial support Type of relationship Organic market Discussion and coordination arena
EE Half-way (eroded) Beginning (eroded) Beginning Competition (eroded) Beginning* Half-way
LV Half-way (near completed) Half-way Beginning Cooperation/Competition Beginning* Half-way
LT Completed Completed Half-way Cooperation/Competition* Beginning/ Half-way Half-way*
PL Half-way* Half-way (increasing) Half-way Cooperation/Competition Beginning/ Half-way Half-way
SE Completed Completed Completed* Cooperation/Creative conflict Completed (although still small) Completed
  1. Italic letters indicates that the step is only beginning, italic bold letters that the step is half way, and normal type letters that the step is completed. The evaluation of the completion of each step is based on the indicators described in the result section. The * symbol means that data for one indicator is missing.