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Table 1 Social sustainability indicators and components used in the analysis

From: The social pillar of sustainability: a quantitative approach at the farm level

Code Indicator Max score Code Component Max score
S_1 Quality of the products 20 CS_1 Quality of the products and the region 50
S_2 Rural buildings 12
S_3 Landscape and territory 18
S_4 Short food supply chain 30 CS_2 Short food supply chain and related activities 50
S_5 Related activities 20
S_6 Work 25 CS_3 Work 50
S_7 Sustainability of the employment 15
S_8 Training 10
S_9 Livestock management 25 CS_4 Ethical and human development 50
S_10 Associations and social implications 15
S_11 Cooperation 10
S_12 Waste management 15 CS_5 Society, culture and ecology 50
S_13 Accessibility to the farm spaces 10
S_14 Sustainable use of materials 15
S_15 Education 10